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I DON'T LIKE HIM!!! by mariav13
here is my character Rose getting mad because her two friends made fun of her about her crush with BEN DROWNED!!! well she does like him but she just god damn stubborn to admit it (better yet she doesn't know it) but yup she does have LOVE him thought teehee:love: Heart Love Heart Love 
Just The four of us? by mariav13
Just The four of us?
When the girls and their bear left on an adventure to the forest to escape from reality, they never new that their lives are about to change to the worst???? but this is just a little story im going to do later in the future in quotev about how the girls were able to meet the creepy-pasta and well there are couples in herePervy-KikaruPlz Pervy-KikaruPlz Icon 27  the couples are gonna be 

(Rebecca X eyeless jack)
(Rin X Jeff the killer) 
hope you guys can see the story and ill try to put the link in here if you guys want to read it.
OH and just so you guys know the pink one is Rebecca and Rin is the brown hair one and finally the black hair one is Rose
Rebecca the innocent by mariav13
Rebecca the innocent
well here the other character of my OCC, her name is Rebecca and well she is the innocent group of the Flower fluff girls, she very clumsy and very shy. she loves to hear music and well cook. she lives with Rosy and Rin when she ran away from home because her parents were both abusive. she loves her Bear PO, and her two best friends. but she can be very scary if you hurt her friends or her bear, she know how to fight.
well i guess ima have to start on their counter parts which will be very Fun!!!! Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Danisnotonfire 7 
Rosy the savior of Rin life by mariav13
Rosy the savior of Rin life
well i finally did Rosy, and it came out really good. so this is the girl i was talking about that help Rin and now she is a very protective sister. she have a temper and well she loves anime.  she doesn't like boys much but she does have one particular boy she likes (BEN DROWNED) she a real fan of him but oh well maybe she will soon meet him. MWHAHAHAH (caugh caugh WEEZ) 
Safe And Sound by mariav13
Safe And Sound
this is one of my OC characters named Rin, she the best friend/sisters for Rosy (another OC of my characters again) this is just an image of how Rin and Rosy first met when Rin knocked on her door because she has no place to live. she was kicked out of her own life by her rich family because she didn't want to marry a guy she doesn't know. every were she go people wouldn't help and so when she knocked on Rosy door  she cried out for a place to stay. That when Rosy smiled and opened the door out for her to come in. and since day on the two of them became close like Gon and killua Get Out Of Here Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]  Hug 

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Especially the once who needs it the most!

The first chance just teaches us a lesson,

while the second gives us a success.

I want people to finally give the poor people THIER second chance when the people around them can't,

something that we have the power to do when others can't.

Im just saying help out a friend near by because one day that person might give u the influence that help reach our goals of happiness and respect. 


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Sky valles
Artist | Student | Other
United States
hiiiii everyone!!!!!! My name is sky valles and i am now a poem writer. Since poem is like expressing your emotions i can say i can make make some out of the blue. Hmmmm maybe i can still draw since im not really that good but i atleast i have fun😋😆👻, i hope that maybe my poems can tauch your heart

~sky valles

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